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Sometimes The Bad Guys Are Stronger

I walked into the kitchen where my son was eating his breakfast the other morning and said “hi Tiger Tank” to him.  I call him random things like my “little Pumpkin Spice Latte”, “Pumpkin Pie”, Buddy, and of course “Tyler”.  When I called him Tiger Tank he asked me what a Tiger Tank is and I didn’t know myself since I just made it up on the fly so I said “oh you know tanks are what armies use to fight the bad guys” and tigers are strong animals so I thought I would call you Tiger Tank.  He looked at me and considered my craziness and then said “hey dad, sometimes the bad guys are stronger and kill the good guys”.  For some reason I found that profound.  It could have been the time of day, the fact that I hadn’t had coffee yet, or both.

Posted in single Random Stuff (Misc.) on May 11th, 2012 by Jeremy at 11:26 pm with (28 views)

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