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Not Your Average Manicurist

“When Washington manicurist Lidia Schaefer returned to her native village in Ethiopia, she was troubled by what she saw: children walking three hours each way to attend classes held not in a school, but under a tree.  When she learned in 1998 that one of the girls she’d met — Medhine — had been attacked and killed by a hyena after falling behind other children during the long trek home from school, Schaefer knew she had to act.  She began setting aside a third of her salary and all of her tips, and later sold her house and car, to raise enough money to build a school for the village.”  >> Read the full article

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Funny Banner Ad of the Day


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The Way I Work: Matt Mullenweg


I’m a big Matt Mullenweg fan so I really enjoyed this article which details how he works each day.

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