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Interesting quote from the May edition of Inc. Magazine from Jack Stack the CEO of Springfield Remanufacturing.  He said “A layoff is a failure of management but the people who usually pay for that failure are not the ones responsible for it”.  Does anyone want to touch that one?

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Tyler Playing Drums

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The Blue School

I learned about The Blue School in May’s Inc. Magazine:

  • “Original blue men Chris Wink, Matt Goldman, and Phil Stanton, together with their wives, Jen Wink, Renee Rolleri, and Jennifer Stanton, conceived the school as an alternative to the New York school scene. “There’s this incredible pressure in Manhattan private schools to get young children into Harvard. Like, at 2,” says Rolleri, whose background is in art therapy and child development. The Blue School, Goldman says, was a response to what was “not happening” in education. “Schools are educating creativity and innovation out of children,” he says, “and sucking the joy out of that experience.”
  • Pre-k and Elementary
  • Only 20 kids admitted per grade
  • School that teaches kids to be kids
  • Studies show if kids choose the curriculum they learn more
  • $27k annual tuition

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