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A Few More San Francisco Panoramas

Alcatraz panorama 5

Alcatraz Panorama 3

Alcatraz Panorama 1

Coit Tower Panorama

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Luiz Antonio: Why He Doesn’t Want to Eat Octopus – Translated into English

Definitely reminds me of my oldest nephew and son who question the world around them which I absolutely love and respect.  We need more people questioning what they see, think and hear.  I love this.

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TMNT: Raphael



Tyler is really into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles these days so I asked him to draw me a picture.  Hopefully those are Raphael’s sai’s or he is a really rude dude with those middle fingers.

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Corpcom Carnival 2013

We try and do an employee appreciation event each year and the theme this year was a carnival.  We had carnival games and even a cartoonist come and help provide some extra fun activities for everyone to take part in.  A few of us played basketball for a few hours yesterday and I was one of them so all I can say after waking up this morning is “wow I feel old and sore”. Good times!

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Mentos & Diet SELECT Cola for Tyler’s Birthday

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