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All Black Penguins Are One In A Zillion

March 13th, 2010 by Jeremy

“How big is a zillion? It’s “an extremely large, indeterminate number,” according to Dictionary.com.   And how rare is an all-black penguin, rather than the black-and-white tuxedo-like colorings on most of the adorable, big, wabbly birds? It’s a one-in-a-zillion mutation, scientists say.”  >> Read full story

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Why One Auschwitz Survivor Avoided Doctors For 65 Years

February 28th, 2010 by Jeremy

Yitzhak Ganon survived Auschwitz SS doctor Josef Mengele's medical experiments

Sixty-five years ago, infamous Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele removed Yitzhak Ganon’s kidney without anesthesia. The Greek-born Jew swore never to see a doctor again — until a heart attack last month brought his horrific tale into the open.  >> Read the full article

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Renovating American Infrastructure

February 6th, 2010 by Jeremy

 Roads, Bridges & Trains Paul Wootton

I was talking with Scott at lunch yesterday about our normal random things and somehow we got on the subject of America’s infrastructure.  I was telling him I recently read a great article from Popular Science about renovating America’s infrastructure and wanted to share with everyone as well.  The following is an excerpt: “Chicago road crews are scrambling to fill 67,000 potholes a month. Communities in Pennsylvania rely on 100-year-old water pipes made of wood. Squirrels still cause widespread blackouts. The country’s 600,000 bridges, four million miles of roads, and 30,000 wastewater plants desperately need attention. The solution isn’t patches, it’s an overhaul. Soon roads and power lines will fix themselves, and we’ll mine energy from sewage. America’s 21st-century tune-up won’t happen overnight, but we could start reaping the benefits (faster broadband! cleaner water!) within the next few years.”  >> Read the full article

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