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Tyler, Christina, and Jeremy

July 30th, 2011 by Jeremy

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The Story Behind The New Picture

July 10th, 2011 by Jeremy

I changed the header images on the site a few weeks ago which included a more professional picture of me.  I wanted to give you some background on it.  At work I was talking to Brian about a new project which we thought may require employee avatars.  I showed him my avatar on LinkedIn and Twitter and he said something like “yeah you like that picture, you’ve had that for a long time now” so I said OK well then let’s change it and gave him my camera phone.  I was actually joking around when taking the pictures but they turned out half decent (to my surprise) so I decided to use them.  The photo below was my Jerry McGuire pose.  I was probably saying something like “show me the money” or something absurd but he said my hand was covering my face so it didn’t work very well.  All work and no play makes Jeremy a dull boy.  So next time someone says you need a change, try something different and have some fun.  It also helps if you are a camera ham.  So there is the story behind the new picture in case you were (yeah I know you probably weren’t) wondering.

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November 17th, 2010 by Jeremy

I’ve been hosting this site on a shared GoDaddy.com server since 2008.  I’ve had a few outages but nothing major.  I’m starting to pick up a bit of traffic and I want to have access to more CPU, memory, and an environment I can have complete control over.  I’ve heard great things about Hostgator.com so I decided to get a virtual server with them.  Over the next week you may notice some duplicate posts show up in my RSS feed from the last few weeks because of the data migration.

You may also notice some things go completely wrong with the site as everything gets moved over and reconfigured.  Stay patient, I should have things fixed as I either encounter or hear about them.  If you have any problems please reach out and let me know.  With the new server my site should perform better going forward which I think will make you happy and it makes me ecstatic.  I’m having some trouble getting the caching to work but again hopefully everything will be “dialed in” within the next few days.  If you also wouldn’t mind, let me know via the comments section when you see this post because that will mean it is working!

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